Irrigation systems 

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Irrigatia Irrigation system...

Regular and proper irrigation is a sure way to achieve this goal, regardless of whether your plants are in pots, beds outside or in a greenhouse. The innovative drip irrigation running on solar batteries is an easy solution for automatic irrigation.

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Seep hose extension

Seep hose extension kit (sometimes called soaker hose or leaky hose)  – contains 12m seep hose, 12 stoppers, 2 connectors, 12 stakes. To be used in conjunction with an Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System.

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Irrigation system Hunter Pro-C

Hunter Pro-C is one of the most popular and advanced irrigation systems preferred by professionals and amateurs.!

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Irrigation system Hunter...

Hunter X-Core is a simple irrigation control unit designed for greenhouses with comprehensive facilities.

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ROAM remote control

The ability to remotely command a controller means operators never have to walk back and forth to stop and start irrigation.

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