Greenhouse Comfort

Greenhouse Comfort - is a simple and reliable type of greenhouse, which is distinguished by its multifunctionality. Such a greenhouse is perfect for all types of growing plants: in it you can plant seedlings, cultivate heat-loving plants, get an early and off-season crop of vegetables, grow flowers and even grapes.

The base of the arched structure is made up of parallelly located arcs from a galvanized pipe of 20mm x 40mm rectangular shape, bent along the edge, i.e. such an arch can withstand twice the load due to the special bending technology, which makes the Comfort greenhouse especially strong in its class of pipe greenhouses. The arched design resembles a transparent tunnel, closed at the ends with flat walls with large doors and ventilation windows. There is no anti-storm reinforcement on the doors, polycarbonate at the ends is screwed on top, and not tucked inward, as on more expensive models of EcoSlider greenhouses.

Thanks to the high-quality polycarbonate coating, such a greenhouse is resistant to severe weather conditions: wind, snow, hail and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

An arch-shaped greenhouse provides excellent and even illumination of the interior. The streamlined design reduces the occurrence of snow.

Our company offers Comfort greenhouses in three standard widths: 2.4m, 3m and 3.5m.

Greenhouse prefabricated modules are produced with a standard length of 4 meters (base frame with ends) and an extension module of 2 m, this simplifies the assembly of the greenhouse and provides the ability to quickly increase the required length.

The frame of the Comfort greenhouse is fixed to the ground using special lugs, which ensure reliable fixation of the greenhouse.

There are opportunities for automatic ventilation and watering of greenhouses.


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Greenhouse parameters


Technical description of EcoSlider ES 3m


EcoSlider Comfort 3m


Arch shaped

Length (m)

4m - 6m – 8m – 10m – 12m etc. (2 m extension)
A greenhouse of any length can be made at client's request

Width (m)

3 m

Height without foundation frame (m)
Height with metallic foundation frame (m)

2.04 m

2.14 m

Frame type

Galvanized steel with increased amount of zinc

Greenhouse end cover material

Cellular polycarbonate of European production – 4mm (6mm or 8mm)**

Greenhouse cover material

Cellular polycarbonate of European production - 4 mm (6mm or 8mm)

Foundation frame base

Galvanized steel with increased amount of zinc or wooden frame made of planks soaked in anti-septic

Maximum vertical load, kg/m2

Up to 180 kg/m2

Assembly and installation time

4 – 8 hours**


Passenger vehicle with a trailer or a cargo minibus

Approximate service life

15 years

Ventilation system

Greenhouse end doors and windows (at both ends)
Automated or manual roof window*


Comfort STANDARD – greenhouses are equipped with a 4mm polycarbonate cover with a 66 cm distance between beams. 

* Additional option for additional payment
** Depends on the greenhouse length 

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