Greenhouses and other EcoSlider EE constructions in custom sizes

If you were unable to find an option of our arch, span-roof and lean-to greenhouses in desired size or you wish to order a greenhouse of a particular shape, we are able to manufacture and install custom sized products on your request.

We prefer completing special orders during following periods: From 15.06 to 31.08 and from 15.11 to 15.03, due to seasonal amounts of work.
Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to complete a special order.

To ensure durability and reliability of a construction, the greenhouse frame is made of galvanized steel beams with internal reinforcements and interweaving. For cover we use polycarbonate of various thickness (from 4mm to 16 mm thick), and we also use transparent, monolith polycarbonate

Greenhouse ventilation solutions (manual and automatic) and automatic watering systems are also custom made and designed for each particular client.

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Greenhouse parameters


Custom sized EcoSlider EE greenhouses


Custom made greenhouses, marquees, awnings and other products


Arch, span-roof, lean-to or any other shape

Length, m

At customer’s request

Width, m

At customer’s request

Height, m

At customer’s request

Frame type

Galvanized steel with increased amount of zinc

Greenhouse end cover material

European cellular polycarbonate: from 4mm to 16mm

Greenhouse cover material

European cellular polycarbonate: from 4mm to 16mm

Foundation frame

Galvanized steel with increased amount of zinc or wooden frame made of planks soaked in anti-septic

Approximate service life

20 years

Ventilation system options

Greenhouse end doors (at both ends) are equipped with large vents
Automated roof vent

NB! All types of Ecoslider Industrial Greenhouses (any width from 5 meters) can only be installed either by Heikkinen OU installation crew (at extra charge) or by a local professional team of builders or installers. The costs of renting the special equipment, machinery and installation team are on the customer. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Heikkinen OU installation team is not able to go outside the borders of Estonia.

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