Mini-greenhouse EcoSlider Maxi

Mini-greenhouse is an excellent additional tool for growing sprouts and low plants, for example, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, salads, dill, etc.

If necessary, the mini-greenhouse can be easily moved and installed in another place. It can be easily opened and closed.

During manufacturing process a 4mm thick polycarbonate is used for cover that increases heat insulation of the greenhouse and allows the mini-greenhouse to withstand large snow loads.

Mini-greenhouse EcoSlider Maxi

Name EcoSlider Maxi
Type Arch
Length, m 2.00 m
Width, m 1.10 m
Height, m 1.20 m
Weight, kg 28 kg
Frame type Galvanized steel with increased amount of zinc
Greenhouse cover material Cellular polycarbonate, 4mm thick
Assembly and installation time 40 minutes
Transportation Passenger vehicle
Approximate service life 10 years
Price 215.00 EUR (including VAT)*
Get assembled +67.00 EUR

* Purchase price from warehouse in Piloodi tee 4

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