Irrigation system Hunter X2

Hunter X2

The Hunter X2 controller (USA) with outdoor cabinet is designed for the street, for ordinary and industrial greenhouses.

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Hunter X2 is a simple irrigation control unit designed for greenhouses with comprehensive facilities.

Hunter X2 is a high quality and popular automatic irrigation system used by amateurs.

Due to simplicity of its setting X2 is an excellent solution for private greenhouses. The controller allows you to manage the watering of your plants following an individual schedule for each zone (planting bed). Hunter X2 irrigation control system allows you to change at any time the number of irrigation areas to be under control (from 4 to 8) just by the way of installing additional expansion modules. The system has waterproof case.

Hunter X2 performance characteristics

  • 4 zones / planting beds to be irrigated (with possibility of expansion)
  • remote control (option)
  • watering schedule: 7-days calendar or programming for even/odd days, 365-days calendar overview
  • Easy Retrieve Memory: necessary program is kept in the memory and can be restored at any time.
  • Seasonal adjustment: from 10% to 150%
  • Adjustable delay between zones
  • One touch manual start
  • Possibility to set days without watering to be always displayed like “off”.
  • Hunter Quick Check™- failure testing
  • short-circuit tracing
  • 3V lithium battery (included into the set) for remote programming and keeping the current time, not used upon program backup.

The system is to be connected to 220 V power line and water line having minimum pressure of 1 bar. In order to control each watering zone you should buy a valve that controls water flow. Available valves may be ordinary ones or those with pre-installed filter and reducer that controls the incoming water pressure.

Automatic irrigation systems Hunter can be found in greenhouses, private premises, landscaped parks, and plant nurseries – wherever the irrigation quality is given special attention.


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