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The gutter system for the Ecoslider EH gable greenhouse is a convenient solution for collecting rainwater and meltwater in a container to facilitate plant irrigation inside the greenhouse.

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The EH gutter system is a set of gutters and downspouts designed to be installed on both sides of the gable greenhouse for draining rainwater or melted snow. The benefit of the gutter system lies in its ability to efficiently utilize natural resources.

Technical specifications:

Size. Width x Height of the gutter — 64 mm x 60 mm. Base length — 4.13 m.

Gutters up to 10 meters long are installed sloping in one direction. The slope angle is optional.
If the greenhouse is longer than 10 meters, the gutters are fixed in the middle of the greenhouse, and the drains are directed to both sides.

The downpipe is telescopic. Its height can be adjusted, taking into account the size of the water collection tank. The minimum height above the ground is 6 cm, the maximum height is 69 cm.

The basic kit includes:

- 2 gutters length 4.13 м, which are mounted on the right and left sides of the greenhouse
- 2 downspouts, which direct water downwards
- screws
- instructions

The cost of one gutter:

The base length of the gutter for the Ecoslider EH gable greenhouse is 4.13 meters, so the price of one gutter is 96.1 euros. Every additional 2.1 meters costs 57.8 euros.

For example, if your EH greenhouse is 4.13 meters long, the gutter kit costs 192.2 euros, and if the length is 6.24 meters, the cost of the gutter system is 307.8 euros.

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