Terms of warranty

Please keep the invoice, confirming the purchase of the greenhouse. 

  • Warranty period of all greenhouses of Heikkinen OÜ Company is up to 10 years.
  • Warranty on polycarbonate from the loss of mechanical, optical and thermal properties is given by the manufacturer for up to 10 years provided that the mounting and operation technology is applied.
  • Warranty period of zinc cover of trusses (rust-through corrosion) is 10 years (excluding foundation frame).
  • General warranty period of movable elements of the greenhouse (doors, window leafs, window automated system, locks, holdout magnets, etc.) is 2 years.
  • Warranty period of other elements of the greenhouse is 2 years.

Warranty is not valid in case when the following conditions took place:

  • The greenhouse was mounted not in accordance with instruction manual, 
  • If the fixation to the ground was nor reliable enough, 
  • If the greenhouse was rebuilt, 
  • The greenhouse was transported with violation of the technology, 
  • The notch between the foundation frame and the ground/built foundation was not eliminated,
  • The greenhouse was damaged in operation or mounting,
  • In case of extreme weather conditions and storm wind with the speed more than 20 m/s (i.e. 9 Beaufort numbers),
  • In case of dynamic load, for example, falling of the tree to the greenhouse, the falling of large amount of snow from the roof of the building etc.

As the head of the company I attach great importance to the opinions of our customers. I strive to ensure that are services always remain at top quality, so I ask you to send all your suggestions, comments, possible claims and gratitude to my corporate and/or personal e-mail: a.farber@ecoslider.com .

With gratitude,
Board member
A. Farber

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