Autonomous Microdrip 15 Irrigation System

Microdrip 15

Prepare your garden for continuous growth and vibrant blooms with the help of innovative Autonomous Microdrip 15 automatic irrigation system. Designed for convenience and powered by advanced technology, this system ensures your greenhouse plants receive timely watering, even in your absence. This system it offers autonomy, eco-friendliness, and seamless plant care automation.

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The Microdrip 15 autonomous watering system is tailored to care for up to 15 plants simultaneously. With customizable settings, you can easily adjust both the duration and frequency of watering to suit your plants' specific needs. Plus, for added convenience and peace of mind, the kit includes a water level sensor that alerts you with an audible signal when the reservoir is running low. By carefully selecting the watering frequency and duration, you can create the perfect conditions for optimal plant growth.

The Microdrip 15 is an excellent fit for Ecoslider greenhouses, catering to a variety of crops including cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and an assortment of other vegetables, flowers, and greens. Harnessing solar energy, it continuously recharges its built-in batteries and draws water from your reservoir without the need for wires, hoses, or electrical connections.

Installation is effortless, requiring just one setup session. Once configured, the system operates autonomously, ensuring consistent watering with minimal supervision. Rest assured, the automatic irrigation system diligently tends to your plants even when you're away.

Engineered to deliver water directly to the plant roots, our watering kits facilitate optimal absorption with a controlled, slow-dripping system.

Is there sufficient sunlight in your region to support effective greenhouse irrigation?

Our cutting-edge irrigation system has undergone rigorous testing in Scandinavian countries. Despite the region's limited sunny days, the solar-powered system has gained it’s popularity and earned accolades from esteemed gardeners.

For optimal results, we suggest pairing the Microdrip 15 irrigation system with a rainwater collection system and an automatic ventilation system, both of which operate independently from the electrical grid.

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