Greenhouse additional options 

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Greenhouse additional options

Electro&Water Module

 Electro&Water Module is equipped with two 220 V sockets and a fitting with a quick hose connector . The module is designed to be used inside the greenhouse.

75 €
Irrigation systems

Irrigatia Irrigation system...

Regular and proper irrigation is a sure way to achieve this goal, regardless of whether your plants are in pots, beds outside or in a greenhouse. The innovative drip irrigation running on solar batteries is an easy solution for automatic irrigation.

150 €
Ventilation systems

Ventilation system Megavent

Megavent (with reinforced spring) autovent uses a reinforce mechanism to open a vent.

60 €
Greenhouse additional options

Garden beds

Dividing beds made from various types of galvanized metal are specifically designed to be installed on the ground only. This type of beds cannot be installed on a wooden deck or paving stone.

142 €
Greenhouse additional options

Foundation piles

Foundation piles are much like a large screw, which is screwed directly into the ground, allowing you to effectively secure the structure on the ground. 

42 €
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