Return policy

The quality of our products is a key landmark for us. We also care about customer's opition and satisfaction. So if you have any questions you are always welcome.

Damaged product

If you receive product with visible damage to external shipping containers, please report the damage to the carrier at the time of delivery. Please immediately inform us via e-mail or by phone.

Please always check your product upon the delivery (before signing the bill of lading). Make sure that you received the ordered products in the requested quantity and having an appropriate quality.

We provide several options in case of damaged part

• Repair

Visit our service center for the diagnostics and for the repair of the product.

• Return or exchange an unused product, which comply with warranty conditions

You can return the whole set or just a damaged item and recieve a new one instead.

NB!You can return the greenhouse, if it has not been mounted and the protective film from the polycarbonate has not been removed.

The terms and conditions of the return

Please carefully read the terms and conditions in advance and check the return address.

  • Please fill the form and make photos of the faulty or damaged item
  • Send us an email with photos attached
  • Return (ship back) the product to our stock

If you refuse to accept the product due to defect, you shall return or exchange it within three business days.

• Price reduction

You can request a proportional price reduction (refund) for the damaged item.

Contact us

+(372) 583 80 100
+(372) 528 4 100

As the head of the company I attach great importance to the opinions of our customers. I strive to ensure that are services always remain at top quality, so I ask you to send all your suggestions, comments, possible claims and gratitude to my corporate and/or personal e-mail: .

With gratitude,
Board member
A. Farber

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