The guidelines for Self-Pickup of Greenhouses

When opting for self-pickup of greenhouses from our warehouse, please take note of the following conditions:

  1. Our staff will assist in taking the products to your vehicle; however, the loading itself is the responsibility and liability of the customer.
  2. Each greenhouse comes with a roll of polycarbonate with minimum dimensions of 2100 x 1000 x 1000 mm, and gable greenhouses includes sheets of width 2100 mm. The length of the sheets varies based on the greenhouse model, ranging from (1500 mm to 2400 mm).
  3. All greenhouses are equipped with a foundation frame with parts up to 4 meters long. Please note that all models except EHL / EHLB are delivered partially assembled, including trusses, ends, and doors, which are pre-assembled into large segments at our factory.
  4. The greenhouses are packed on pallets and moved to the removal site using a forklift. All elements of the structure can be disassembled for convenient and tight stacking in the vehicle.

Preparation for arrival at the warehouse:

  • Before arriving at the warehouse, it is necessary to clarify the dimensions of your greenhouse and be sure to coordinate the time of shipment with our managers, as the wait can take up to 4 hours during the high season.

  • We recommend preparing an appropriate vehicle, be it a minivan or a car with a trailer, to ensure proper and safe transportation of your greenhouse.

We are always ready to help you choose the best option for the safe and convenient shipment of your new greenhouse.

As the head of the company I attach great importance to the opinions of our customers. I strive to ensure that are services always remain at top quality, so I ask you to send all your suggestions, comments, possible claims and gratitude to my corporate and/or personal e-mail: .

With gratitude,
Board member
A. Farber

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