Premifarm MINI

Compact and powerful. Size: 1217mm x 785mm x 694mm.

The set includes a vertical farm and a 1-month growing kit: 12 linen mats, seeds of 4 types of plants, fertilizers.

Elegant design and small size allows for flexibility of installation of Premifarm Mini in any room.

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The set includes:

  • Vertical farm Premifarm MINI
  • Growing kit for 1 month

           — 12 linen rugs
           — 4 types of plants
           — fertilizer kit

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Characteristics Premifarm MINI:

  • Material - tempered glass (front - 8mm, rear - 6mm), steel (powder coated) 

  • Power consumption 19 Wh

  • Up to 15 kg of greens per month

  • 0.84 m2 of planting area

  • Year-round growing

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • GrowLED lighting

  • Aeroponics - advanced soil free growing technology


We recommend installing a farm at home - in the kitchen, living room, offices - in any premises.

Average monthly consumption:

One microgreen growth cycle: 7-10 days.
There are 3 cycles in a month, that is: mats, pots with plants must be changed 3-4 times.

One growth cycle of herbs (basil, arugula, sorrel, etc.) is about 30 days.
Some of them can be cut by ⅓ and they will continue to grow.
Grown in pots.

Total cost per month:

Seeds – € 8.75

Rugs or pots (12 pcs.) - € 6

Fertilizers – € 0.5

Water - 10 liters

Electricity - 19 W

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Do you have any questions?

Call by phone: +372 5696 11 96

Write to email: 

Where to find farms?

- At Heikkinen OÜ manufacturing facility located at Piloodi tee 4 (weekdays).

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