Plant staking kit EH

The plant tying kit is suitable for gabled Ecoslider hobby greenhouses. A convenient solution for gardeners who grow tall crops.

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A plant tying kit is an essential attribute for those who grow tomatoes, grapes and other tall crops.

The kit consists of gliders and tracks that are easily attached to Ecoslider greenhouse trusses. The track itself is a ready-made solution for tying ropes. Additionally, we have included 12 gliders with hooks in the kit, allowing you to enhance the functionality of the kit. You can hang the necessary tools and attributes of a gardener, a lamp or small pots of flowers on hooks. 
Avoid loading the ends of the tracks.

The kit consists of elements for both sides of the greenhouse:

- 2 tracks. The length of the kit can be selected based on the length of your greenhouse.
- 12 gliders with hooks
- fasteners

Greenhouse length EH — length of plant garter:

4.13m — 3.31m
6.24m — 5.42m
8.35m — 7.53m
10.47m — 9.65m
12.58m — 11.76m
14.7m — 13.88m
16.81m — 15.99m

Color options:

Unpainted metal with anti-corrosion coating
Black painted metal, code RAL 9005

Equipment options:

If you would like a kit for tying plants on only one side of the greenhouse or you did not find the greenhouse length you need in the drop-down list, please write to us at INFO@ECOSLIDER.COM.

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