the verical farms Premifarm

the verical farms Premifarm 

Premifarm vertical farms are a unique development for the convenient growing of greens and microgreens all year round. The aeroponics method allows to produce delicious, juicy plants, revealing their natural potential.

One farm is enough to have fresh, juicy greens on your table every day.

With Premifarm you get the opportunity to grow healthy herbs
in the quantity and variety you need.

— More than 60 types of plants can be grown all year round
— Yields up to 60 kg per month without horticulture skills
— Water saving: 95% less than growing in soil
— Efficient energy consumption: 19 - 93 W per month

Premifarm vertical farms for home and offices,

For restaurants and educational institutions

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There are 3 types of farms available:

1. Premifarm MINI PREMIFARM MINI Compact and powerful

  • Productivity — 15 kg/month*

  • Includes: farm, growing kit (12 linen mats, 4 types of plants, fertilizer kit).

  • Material: galvanized steel (powder coated); glass front - 8 mm, rear - 6 mm

2. Premifarm BASIC PREMIFARM BASIC Vertical farm

  • Productivity — 30 kg/month*

  • Includes: farm, growing kit (24 linen mats, 8 plant species, fertilizer kit).

  • Material: galvanized steel (powder coated); glass front - 8 mm, rear - 6 mm

3. Premifarm PRO PREMIFARM PRO Scale growing

  • Productivity — 60 kg/month*

  • Includes: farm, growing kit (48 linen mats, 8 plant species, fertilizer kit).

  • Material: galvanized steel (powder coated); glass front - 8 mm, rear - 6 mm

*depending on the type of crop grown

No need to read books on crop production

No need to separately buy ventilation and irrigation systems, special lighting

Everything is in one unit that controlled using application on your phone

No need to search for seeds, pots and mats in different stores

We provide everything

Key features

Each Premifarm model is equipped with advanced technology to make growing plants convenient and productive

Reduced power consumption

Premifarm is highly energy efficient. Electric energy consumption - from 19 W to 93 W per month, depending on the type of farm.

95% less water

Thanks to aeroponics technology and a closed watering cycle, water consumption is 95% less than in classical farming.

Automated system

The solution is fully automated, which makes growing plants efficient even without agricultural knowledge.

CO2 neutral

Premifarm consumes CO2 to grow plants. Plants release oxygen.

High yield

Yields can range from 15 kg to 60 kg per month, depending on the type of farm and crop being grown.

Easy to use

Farms do not require technical skills to operate. It is enough to read the instructions, plug the farm into a power outlet, and connect to WiFi.


More than 60 types of plants can be grown in Premifarm.
Microgreens: broccoli, peas, wheat, mustard, aroma, radish, sunflower.
Baby Leaf: lettuces, spinach, chard, batavia.
Adult plants: basil, chives, red-sorrel, mint, stevia, coriander, lettuces.
Edible flowers: viola, cornflower, clover, lavender, nasturtium, chamomile, borago.

About plants

Microgreens are young shoots of plants that are used as food and to decorate dishes. They are used in salads, soups, cocktails, smoothies, other drinks and dishes. Due to it’s high content of nutrients, such food is considered promising, and its consumption is growing.

What are the benefits of microgreens, its content:

Enzymes. They are biologically active substances - complex proteins that accelerate vital processes in the body: digestion of food and improvement of metabolism.

Antioxidants. Juicy green shoots in the composition contain the maximum concentration of antioxidants that are involved in the fight against free radicals and slow down the aging process. By making it a habit to germinate microgreen seeds, you can have constant supply of nutrients all year round, even during the short winter days.
Chlorophyll. Green organic matter brings great benefits to the human body. Its intake is especially important for people who live in ecologically unfavorable regions, mega cities or areas where there are few sunny days a year.
Vitamins and minerals. Their difference from synthetic drugs is 100% digestibility. No pharmacy product will bring as much benefit to the body as a tablespoon of microgreens.

Baby leaf  is a popular product among fans of a healthy diet. These are tender young leaves of lettuce and other leafy vegetables. Unlike adult greens, baby leaf is harvested early, when the leaves are small and have a milder flavor. At this stage, it contains more vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial substances than its mature counterparts.

Benefits of baby greens:

Rich in carotenoids, folate and vitamin C, early stage greens protect the body from disease and keep all of its systems functioning. Thanks to the regular consumption of baby leaves, ones memory and cognitive functions improve, endurance and performance increase, and metabolism returns to normal. In terms of taste, young leaves give a salad or any other dish a unique flavor and a special spice.

Spicy herbs  are fresh plants used both as an independent dish and as an addition to other dishes. Greens are put in salads, added to soups, used as a seasoning for stewing, preparation of sauces, eaten mashed or raw.

Benefits of herbs:

Aromatic substances accumulated during the period of growth in the body of the above plants stimulate appetite and contribute to better digestion of food. Spicy herbs contain healthy substances: essential oils, vitamins, tannins, enzymes, alkaloids, glycosides, acids, phytoncides; protecting the human body from harmful microbes and curatively acting in the treatment of diseases.

Edible Flowers  More than 45 types of flowers are currently eaten. They can easily be found in the menu of restaurants in Europe, but in Asia they are considered an expensive, exclusive dish.

Benefits of edible flowers:

Edible flowers are strong antioxidants that helps to remove toxins from the body and have anti tumor properties. Also, flowers are very useful for people who want to lose weight or follow proper nutrition.

3 steps to harvest

Step 1. Select plants in the app

Step 2. Sow seeds in mats or pots, place them in Premifarm

Step3. Cut the crop and enjoy the fresh herbs

Do you have any questions?

Call by phone: +372 5696 11 96

Write to email: 

Where to find farms?

- At Heikkinen OÜ manufacturing facility located at Piloodi tee 4 (weekdays).

There are 3 products.


the verical farms Premifarm

Premifarm BASIC

Vertical farm. Size: 2280mm x 867mm x 690mm. The kit includes a vertical farm and a 1-month growing kit: 24 linen mats, seeds of 8 plant species, fertilizers. Fully automated solution with year-round growing of greens for homes, cafes, educational institutions and offices.

the verical farms Premifarm

Premifarm MINI

Compact and powerful. Size: 1217mm x 785mm x 694mm. The set includes a vertical farm and a 1-month growing kit: 12 linen mats, seeds of 4 types of plants, fertilizers. Elegant design and small size allows for flexibility of installation of Premifarm Mini in any room.

the verical farms Premifarm

Premifarm PRO

The scale of growing is up to 60kg/month. Size: 2280mm x 1564mm x 690mm. The kit includes a vertical farm, a 1-month growing kit: 48 linen mats, seeds of 8 plant species, fertilizers. Aesthetic installation will decorate any room and add status to their owner. Fully automated solution with year-round greenery growing.

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