Gable roof greenhouse Ecoslider EHL Black 2.5

Spacious gable roof greenhouse is the ideal place to grow plants, berries, herbs, flowers. The rectangular structure with vertical walls and gable roof is covered with polycarbonate. If you want to install it yourself, all elements of the Ecoslider EHL Black 2.5 model (trusses, doors, ends, base frame, etc.) are delivered unassembled.

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Product options



Thickness of polycarbonate in coating, distance between trusses
You can order greenhouse packages of various configurations that affect the indicators of resistance to external actions and weather conditions. Read more...
Thickness of polycarbonate at the ends
To build more solid and warm greenhouse, you can order an increased polycarbonate thickness at the ends. When choosing thicker polycarbonate, the durability and greenhouse thermal insulation significantly increase.
Protection of polycarbonate
To protect the polycarbonate, you can choose AntiDust tape or U-profile. The use of complex protection (AntiDust tape and U-profile) is a method that had proved to be not an expensive, but effective. Read more...


Number of automatic ventlights
For the efficient greenhouse ventilation, experts recommend using one air vent every 2 meters of greenhouse length. Read more...
Number of manual ventlights
This type of vents is designed for greenhouse ventilation, but the human presence is required to open and close them. Read more...


Foundation options
This greenhouse is designed for installation on the foundation. If you select “Without foundation frame” option, it is expected that you prepare yourself a foundation frame. Read more...
Fastening foundation to the ground
Standard fastenings to the ground are provided with the foundation frame. Read more...

Beds and irrigation system

Number and configuration of beds
You can choose the required bed configuration and its number. Read more...
Without beds
Automatic irrigation controller
Automatic irrigation controller is a device that allows to fully automate the greenhouse irrigation process. Our company offers two types of automatic irrigation controllers. Read more...
Irrigation zones
It is possible to settle a personalized irrigation schedule for each irrigation zone. For example, cucumbers will be watered on one schedule, tomatoes on a second and herbs on a third. Each bed is often taken as each irrigation zone. Read more...
Set of hoses and fittings for automatic irrigation
Set of hoses and fittings is required for connecting the irrigation controller to the valves and drip ends, which are mounted directly under the plant root. Read more...

Additional Features

Module for electrical outlets and connections for water
Electro&Water Module is a convenient solution for connection to electrical devices and quick hose connector. Read more...

Gate type

Type of doors
By default, “left” door is delivered with a greenhouse (if you stand outside the greenhouse and look at its door, the door-handle is on the left and the door opens toward you). Read more...
Colour of greenhouse framework
You can choose the colour of greenhouse frame according to your preferences. Only metal elements of the frame could be painted.
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:4.1;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:5.5;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:6.9;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:8.3;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:9.7;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:11.1;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:12.5;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:13.9;%%
RAL 9005 - Jet black %%length:15.3;%%

More info

Ecoslider EHL Black 2.5 is a strong, stable, spacious and aesthetically pleasing gable greenhouse. Developed in Estonia for use in harsh climates, it withstands snow, wind and hail. Service life is more than 15 years.

Features of the greenhouse Ecoslider EHL Black:

  • Spacious. Standard size: 2.5m x 4.1m x 2.3m (W x L x H). Length is optional in 70 cm increments.

  • Reinforced metal frame. Steel with anti-corrosion coating has a high zinc content.

  • Reinforced construction from the inside. To increase the strength of the structure against harsh weather conditions, trusses - metal elements with internal weaves - are used. Patented technology of Heikkinen OÜ, which made it possible to evenly distribute snow, wind loads.

  • Load bearing capacity. The structure can support weights up to 958 kg/m², so there is no need to clear the greenhouse of snow. It can withstand wind up to 90 kg/m², which is equal to a wind speed of up to 38 m/s (hurricane).

  • The foundation frame allows you to install the greenhouse on almost any surface. Also, it prevents the polycarbonate from contact with the ground or coating surface, which prolongs its service life.

  • Polycarbonate manufactured in Europe. Hail-resistant, adapted to active sun (with UV protection 50+) and wet snow. Polycarbonate thickness for the ends is available in 6mm and for roof and wall coverings in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 16mm.

  • Access to the greenhouse. There are 2 doors at the ends of the greenhouse for easy access and good ventilation.

  • Ventilation. In the standard configuration, both doors are fitted with shutters and Smartventor ventilation windows with manual opening are fitted above the doors. If required, manually or automatically operated shutters can be installed on the roof or in the walls.м.


  • Metal (through corrosion) — 10 years

  • Polycarbonate — 10 years

  • Other elements of the greenhouse — 2 years 

  • Warranty cases under adverse weather conditions:
                         Collapsing, snow - up to 720 kg/m²
                         Winds up to 21 meters per second

  • The warranty DOES NOT APPLY if the greenhouse was installed WITHOUT a foundation frame

Delivery, assembly, installation:

  • The main feature of the Ecoslider EHL Black 2.5 model is that all elements of the greenhouse: trusses, doors, ends, foundation frame, etc. are packed unassembled.
  • Fast delivery within Estonia or pick-up from the factory at Piloodi tee 4, Soodevahe küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa.

  • Convenient packaging. The box with frame: 30 cm x 40 cm x 210 cm, weight: 120 kg. Polycarbonate box: 90 cm x 195 cm x 20 cm, 36 kg. Other types of packaging available.

  • Assembly and installation manual.

  • Assembly and installation time is up to 18 hours.

  • Installation by Heikkinen OÜ specialists in Estonia is possible.

Ecoslider greenhouses are a way of living.

Premium quality from the manufacturer.

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